Distance Yearning

Welcome to Distance Yearning, an online lit mag & interactive quaran-zine! We'll have a proper home page coming your way soon; in the meantime check out Issues 1-8 linked at the top right, and take a look at our submissions call for our new issue (guest edited by Tyler King!) below:


by Friday (5/29) night, send 1-3 pieces (up to 3-5 pages) of poetry, flash fiction, essay, visual art, etc. to distanceyrning@gmail.com (that’s yrning not yearning) / they can be new or old, polished or unpolished, inspired by or coincidentally intersecting with this week’s theme of:

“Intimacy & interpellation. You are a ghost living in the twilight of an empire and you are wondering how do I make them see me? How to I make myself known? All of your love is in the air and the air courses with electricity. Who is on the receiving end, and what image of you lives in their mind? Tell me, we both matter, don’t we?”